Glenfarclas gets put in a museum

The National Musuem of Scotland has recently put in a new permantent exhibition entitled “Scotland: A Changing Nation”. A part of this exhibition is, naturally, set aside for whisky – and one whisky in particular.

It was in the 1930s when Glenfarclas sold 50 cases to H Albrecht and Company in Illinois. A Mr Shrive purchased six cases of this whisky and most of it was drunk. Although prohibition had recently been repealed, the whisky didn’t dissapear in a drunken stupor. By 1994 one whosle case and one single bottle remained and Mr Shrive’s wrote to Glenfarclas Distillery and offered them the bottles. John Grant, 5th generation Glenfarclas-Grant, flew to the States to bring the whisky “home” – on a First Class seat by British Airways.

The unopened case and bottle can now be seen by all visitors to The National Musuem of Scotland (Chambers Street, Edinburgh).

And what Glenfarclas payed for the bottles? Now that’s a secret.


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