Ardbeg Blasda and even Mór

Several rumours have circled the web concering new releases from Ardbeg. By correlating some of these rumours this is what seems to be coming, though Ardbeg themselves have remained thight lipped about the new releases. The only thing I’ve found was an email found on a Norwegian whiskyforum:

Thanks for your e-mail.

I would suggest to keep your eyes on the website over the next few months – exciting times!


Ardbeg TEN is the least surprising of the new releases. At some time this autumn. As the stores of the existing Ardbeg TEN is depleted the new version will makes it’s way into the shelves, with very little ado. The picture on the left shows the new packaging that easily will signal the arrival of the 100% produced by Glenmorangie Plc Ardbeg TEN. Pictures of the new packaging can be found at the website. Tastewise it will be a bit of a change, since the current bottles of Ardbeg TEN are some years older than 10 years old (approx 12-14 years old).

Ardbeg Blasda is maybe the most talked about rumour the last couple of months. Several thoughts have been aired and some have hit the mark, while others have missed. Blasda (the rumoured name) is yet another word pulled out from the Gaelic dictionary, and can be translated as “savoury, tasty, delicious”. A new Ardbeg is always warmly welcome, but this might be a exception from the rule. It’ll be just lightly peated (around 10ppm compared to the normal 50-55 ppm), young (6-8 years), chill filtered, 40% and sold in a clear bottle! It will be a limited edition as the spirit is drawn from an experimental batch, the number of bottles in unknown. The price is reconned to be around £40 – which is quite steep for a young whisky sold at 40% (almost a 30% premium campared to Ardbeg TEN). It’ll hit the market ardound October.

Ardbeg Mór, the marvelous 4.5-litre bottle released at last years Feis Ile, is getting a successor. Make room in the cabinet, since it’ll take up a bit of space. October is also the rumoured launch date, with a price tag (in Sweden) of 3500 SEK (£295).

Another single cask bottling of Ardbeg 1975 will be released as soon as the current release is sold out. This time it’ll (barring errors in my notes) be Cask #1378 (the current is #1375). Some lucky visitors to Ardbeg during Feis Ile got to sample the cask and it’s reportedly a bit better than the current one. Pricewise I expect an increase on today’s £399-pricetag. For those interested there are still bottles left of an Ardbeg Single Cask 1974 bottled for Norway, only 3599 NOK (£352) a bottle.

To finish a Feis Ile-visitor reported on sampling an Ardbeg from a new French Oak-cask. So the wood experimentation that started at Glen Moray and matured at Glenmorangie has reached Ardbeg as well. So we might see some wood finshed Ardbeg’s in the years to come. As long as they don’t copy the silly Germans.


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