Sail away – with whisky

Alas this offer is not directed at us Norwegian, but our neighbouring Swedes. While the ferries travelling to and from Norway tend to offer theme-cruises like Afterski, Eurovision Song Contest, 90s, Swedish, Northern-Norwegian and the like, our Swedish friends (and anybody popping over) can enjoy whisky cruises.

It’s the ferry company Viking Line that offers these cruises once a month. These cruises (from Stockholm to Mariehamn and back again – back in less that 24 hours) tend to include a dinner, tasting and a mini fair with the participating distiller. The next cruise is 11th September, features Morrison Bowmore and include a tasting with six whiskies, 3 course dinner, mini fair with Morrison Bowmore and, of course, bed and breakfast. The prices range from 852 SEK per person (£72).

Glenfiddich-tasting on Viking Line's Cinderella ferry

The next year offers the following whisky cruises:

  • 16th Oct – Diageo
  • 20th Nov – Laphroaig
  • 11th Dec – Glenfiddich/Balvenie
  • 24th-25th Jan – Whisky Fair
  • 19th Feb – TBA
  • 19th Mar – Highland Park/The Macallan
  • 23rd Apr – Diageo, Rare Malts
  • 14th May – Chivas Brothers

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