An empty bottle – that’s £320 please!

New distilleries pop up all over the world, such is the attraction of whisky these days. The main problem for new distillers is of course cash flow – how to make money while one waits until the spirit matures into whisky.

Many lean on sales of casks, futures, early editions (at the stroke of 3 years) and the like – the main issue is to find a new approach to the matter. And a quaint idea is coming from a new Danish distiller (yep, the Danes are also in on the whisky-game).

The distillery in mention is Braunstein, located in the town of Køge which lies on the eastern part of the Isle of Zealand (Sjælland) – not too far from Copenhagen. They are a combined microdistillery and brewery, utilizing a single coloum still, and the spirit is distilled only once:

The same still is also used for making other spirits as aquavit and assorted types of schnaps.

The production of whisky is not very large, the first cask was filled 22nd March 2007, while the second wasn’t filled until 19th December. And this might help to explain the cost of the whisky. As the title suggest they actually charge £320 (€400) for an empty bottle – and it’s a half litre at that. OK, the price also includes two Glencairn-glasses (with logo), two wooden coaster and access to annual tasting – and of course half a litre of whisky from the cask.

For those on a budget there is another option. The price above is for whisky
from the first cask (ex-Oloroso Sherry), the price for whisky from the second one (ex-Bourbon) is a mere £215 (€270).

For those “lucky” ones who buy a bottle there’s no knowing how long the wait will be, as the distillers will decide when the whisky it’s ready. At that time buyers must bring their empty bottle to the distillery (or send it in) to get it filled. It will be quite the party when bottle-owner get together to fill their bottle.

For more information on how to buy the bottles (and other Braunstein-products), go to:


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