Glenmorangie Signet

When the Glenmorangie range was revamped the new logo, The Glenmorangie Signet (below left), was a very promient feature on the bottle and boxes. It is also the basis for the caleidoscopic design on the webpage. The logo is derived from the bottom panel (below right) of a Pictish stone found in Hilton of Cadboll, near Tain (where Glenmorangie is produced). The stone itself is today at the Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, while a copy has been erected on the original site – more on the stone at Wikipedia.

So when talking about The Glenmorangie Signet, one has ment the Glenmorangie logo – but this might be about to change.

A new bottling of Glenmorangie is on it’s way, with a launch set for October (Glenmorangie Plc are really pulling out all the stops this Autumn – several new bottling of both Ardbeg and Glenmorangie). The whisky – Glenmorangie Signet – has recently been sent out “secretly” to selected retailers for them to sample and give feedback to the distillers.

The whisky itself is to be Glenmorangie’s new flagship, with an estimated price around €150 (£120) depending on the market and taxes. The age is unknown (but belived to be quite high) and it’s bottled at 46%abv. – so nothing out of the ordinary there. But the raw materials are quite unusual. As for Norway the price is set to be 1299 NOK (£128.50), with a launch in September. Around the same time it will also be available at the Oslo Airport Duty Free (departure) for a mere 1200 NOK (£118.70).

First of all roasted barley is used (remeber Balvenie Roasted Malt) and to top it off some Chocolate malt is also added (Chocolate malt is usually used in the production of beers like porter and stout). The whisky has been matured mainly in ex-Oloroso and Ozark ex-bourbon casks, but a few others have also been added to the mix.

According to some of the retailers who’ve received this “secret parcel” the whisky is smashing.

Glenmorangie Artisan/Astar update: The new Glenmorangie Astar has been out on the market for a bit already, but here in Norway it hasn’t shown itself yet. This is also about to change. It will make it’s debut on Saturday 6th September.

The price in Norway will be 659 NOK (£65), a fair price as it’s bottled at cask strength (57,1% abv) – the British price is around £51 (TWE). Some might stall a bit when comparing with the bottles the Astar is replacing, Glenmorangie Artisan Cask. But remeber the Artisan Cask is 50cl, while the Astar is 70cl. Also Artisan was bottled at a “mere” 46% abv – taxwise this does alot. As of yesterday 187 bottles of the Artisan cask remaind in the importer’s warehouse, while 7 stood on the shelves at Vinmonopolet in Trondheim (Byhaven) and Asker (Holmensenteret). The price is 399,90 NOK (£39.50), just 67,50 NOK (£6.50) more than The Whisky Exchange.


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4 Responses to “Glenmorangie Signet”

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    […] Master Distiller Bill Lumsden & Co in Tain. Not much known about this expression, apart from my earlier posting. No age statement, 46% abv. matured mainly in ex-Oloroso and Ozark ex-bourbon casks, but a few […]

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  3. Davis Joachim Says:

    I am looking for any bottles full or empty that are pre-1963. Can you be of help?

  4. whiskyviking Says:

    ‘Fraid not.

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