Ardbeg Blasda – pictures

Last night a unofficial launch tasting of Ardbeg Blasda was held at the Dr Jekylls Pub in Oslo, Norway. Unfortunately I was nowhere close to this location at the time of the tasting, so no Blasda for me – yet.

But I have been most fortunate as to nick a couple of pictures and some tasting notes from the forumpages of the Norwegian Malt Whisky Society. Regards to the user ioeverga who posted the following pictures and notes:

Colour: White wine, same as Ardbeg TEN

Nose (22): Some peat, starting off oily, nuts, sweet, jasmin. Liquorice steps forward with the adding of water (one drop). Some grassy/herbal notes come out in the end after heating the glass with my hands, also a powerful aroma of green apples. Most definately Ardbeg, but not quite as expected.

Palate (23): Much more concentrated then what would be expected at 40%! There’s peat, sweetness, liquorice and oily at first. Aples, cocao and herbs after a while.

Finish (23): Peat and herbs/grass, dry. Medium to long. The flavour goes towards cocao (corresponding to the peat in VY, SY and AT).

Balance (24): Taste = Smell. there’s a return trip both in smell and taste. It’s a bit lighter on the nose than on the palate, but all in all it’s a very nicely balanced Ardbeg that delivers aroma and flavour in a very nice way.

Conclusion (92): This is good Ardbeg, lightly peated or not, Ardbeg it is!

UPDATE 1: Another user (Lars Helge) has given it 7 out of 10 points.

Btw. Ardbeg Blasda is scheduled for international release on 28th September.

UPDATE 2: Changed the date to 28th September (from 8th), as the original information (from the Norwegian importer) contained a minor typo.

UPDATE 3: Official picture of the Blasda (Copyright (c) 2008 Ardbeg/Glenmorangie Plc):


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4 Responses to “Ardbeg Blasda – pictures”

  1. Kevin Rose Says:

    I was at the tasting.

    I thought the Blasda was an exceptional whisky. I could not really taste the Ardbeg in it but many others claimed to be able to. It was a little smoky and quite peaty, kind of like a cross between Ardbeg (or possibly Lagavulin) and a young Macallan. I give it 80% but then I am no expert and prefer my whiskies young and raw.

    I will be buying my bottle next Saturday, 6th Sept. when it is released in Norway.

  2. whiskyviking Says:

    Nice to hear further notes on this bottlings. Seems like it hits people very differently.

    Just remeber to order the bottle (it’s not normally available in any store – one must order it) in a store, not on the web. It seems like it won’t be made available for purchase until the international release on the 28th (if you order in the store the order will be kept active, while web-orders are cancelled as the items are marked as “sold out” for some reason or another).

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