Yet another whisky-isle

Yet another Scottish island has signed on to the ever increasing list over whisky producing isles. But unlike other plans like Blackwood (Shetlands) and Uisge Beatha nan Eilean (Barra) this distillery has started producing, without attracting much press or blurb on beforehand. A small notice in the Scotsman from June 2007 is all I could find.

Scenery from Carnish, Isle of Lewis

Abhainn Dearg (Red River) Distillery on the Isle of Lewis has recently started up production with a planned output of 10.000 litres per annum, with an increase to 25.000 litres in 2009-10. The site is a former salmon hatchery that has been converted into a distillery. The first spirit has already been put into casks and the first bottles will be available in 2011 when the National Mod will return to the Isle of Lewis.

It’s local businessman Mark Tayburn, who also runs a recycling business on the island, that is behind the distillery. The distillery is to run on environmentally friendly lines, with a small hydroelectric scheme planned.

(Source: The Scotsman)


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