The Dalmore reopens webpage

The webpage for The Dalmore Distillery has been dormant for some time while all focus was on the repackaging and refurbishing of the whiskies. Now, finally, the webpage has been opened up again.

Quite a bit of work has gone into the creation of it, with a flowing animation and mood music to go with it. Unfortunately very little work has gone into the matter of contents. A few lines (with very colourful wording) on the production (Alechemist Artistry – Dynamic Distillation – Sublime Maturation – Harmonious Fusions), tasting notes and info on the range of expressions, history and a mailing list – that’s it.

The heavy graphics can take some time to load if you’ve got a slow line.

Visit the site here:



2 Responses to “The Dalmore reopens webpage”

  1. Cigar Smoker Says:

    Well, yes I’ve been to the new website and I agree it’s pretty but lacks information. I’ve been told that the company has been purchased by Johnnie Walker. More importantly, I can no longer find the “Cigar Malt” variety. One of my favorites!

    Does anyone know? Have they decided to not make it? What is the story? Help!

  2. whiskyviking Says:

    The company has NOT been bought by Johnnie Walker (or Diageo, JW’s parent company). Dalmore Distillery is still owned by Whyte & Mackay who again are owned by the Indian company UB Group (Mr Vijay Mallay).

    The Dalmore Cigar Malt was discontinued earlier this year during a revamp of the whole range. it was replaced by the Dalmore Gran Reserva. Same cask mix, but a bit more expensive.

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