Duty Free News: Glenrothes

Next month (27-31 October) is the time for the annual Tax Free World Association (TFWA) World Exhibition in Cannes, France. Most distillers and bottlers tend to present new bottlings and expressions at this event. In the time leading up to the Exhibition press releases and “leaks” tend to trickle out through various sources. One of the first distillers to release a preview of things to come is Glenrothes Distillery (Edrington)

The Glenrothes Robur Reserve will only be available in the global Travel Retail market (airports, ferries, border shops etc), or as Glenrothes themselves put it “Only available from specialist premium retailers at travel hubs serving The Glenrothes core markets as well as major international airports” – so not much hope for Norway then?

The name – Robur – is a play on the latin name for Pedunculate Oak (European Oak for ease), Quercus Robur. The whisky is heavily influenced by first fill ex-sherry casks, casks made from Spanish Quercus Robur. The front label tasting note, by Malt Master John Ramsey, states the flavour as “Dried fruits, mellow, sweet and spicy”.

This expression comes in a litre bottle, with an upgraded frame, compared to the usual rustic ones the Glenrothes-bottles come in. The RRP is set at €49.99 (~ 405 NOK/£40) and will be available later this autum.

The full tasting notes are as follows:

Appearance: Pale golden, clear and bright
Bouquet: Ripe fruits, all spice and bright
Palate: Soft mellow, dried fruits and hint of clove
Finish: Smooth, sweet, good length and texture.

(Source: The Moodiereport)


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