Rosebank Revival

Rumours have been circulating for some time about the possibility of reviving the Rosebank distillery, though not on it’s original site. These rumours got more to fly on after the user tcurry48 at the WhiskyMag forums discovered that a planning application had been made to build a “Rosebank Distillery” just a few miles away from the original distillery.

The company behind the plans is The Falkirk Distillery Company (TFDC), owned by Fiona and Alan Stewart and backed by dad – George Stewart of the Grangemouth-based Midland Electrical Winding & Contracting (Scotland) Ltd. According to The Sunday Herald they plan to spend £5m to build a distillery, visitors centre, 80-seat restaurant and five tourist shops.

The plan is to use the original stills, mash tun and other equipment, though no deal has been made with Diageo yet. A Diageo spokesman is quoted as saying “We are happy to be helpful and contribute where we can, but the trademark is not for sale and we retain the brand name”, so they’ll most likely have to brand their whisky under the Falkirk Distillery-name.

The whisky they’ll produce is set to be a “Rosebank”-style with triple-distillation. 60,000 litres per annum is the planned output when distilling start sometime in the next two years. Originally production was set to commence in April 2009, but 2010 is the most likely start if things go according to plan (but when does it ever…). The water source, running across the proposed site, has been analyzed and found to have “the right mix of natural impurities suitable for quality Scotch”.

Although very little is actually planned or agreed upon (the council have yet to decide on it’s fate), the Stewarts have already decided that a tour and tasting will cost £5. 16,000 visitors are expectyed to come the first years, with an increase to 24,000 within the third year of operation.

The distillery itself will have two pagodas, white walls and will somewhat be similar to Dalwhinnie Distillery and is to be built on land to the west of Cadgers Brae in Falkirk (East Beancross), just off the A9 (close to the M9).


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