Age whisky yourself

I’ve been away for a bit (work-related lock-in seminar), and have spent the last few days just trying to get through the amount of correspondance received in that time.

So now back to our scheduled program:
An inventor claims to have produced a device that aged alcoholic beverages in just 30 minutes. For a mere £411.25 (4350 NOK) any young malt can be made into a aged beauty. The device, called “The Quantum Ultrasonic Wine and Spirit Ager”, supposedly changes the chemical balance of the alcohol esters, thereby speed aging them.

According to the inventor, Casey Jones, it can make paintstripper whisky taste like an 8 year old Single Malt, and make a bottle of £3.99 plonk taste like a vintage wine from the best houses. Can’t say I’m convinced as if it only “ages” the products, a cheap plonk would turn into a vinegary plonk – as it’s not made for ageing.

If anybody out there want’s to give it a try, please drop me a line about the results. The device can be purchased here.


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4 Responses to “Age whisky yourself”

  1. Casey Jones Says:

    I’m sorry if I’ve used the word ‘aged’ out of context. Maybe I should have said ‘improved’ and that is exactly what it does, improves the flavour, aroma and colour of ALL wines, spirits and even fruit juices.
    There is obviously an explanation for how this works, but far too lengthy to go into here and you would probably disagree anyway.
    All I know is everyone that tries it agrees with me.
    I can’t do better than offer to send a free sample of a treated drink of your choice, or offer a 100% money back guarantee.
    Some people don’t agree with science full stop. That is their perogative. I know what my taste buds tell me! – Casey Jones of the CannonBALL Express – (Not really, 25 years a senior Fire Officer)!

  2. whiskyviking Says:

    It’s a common mistake to think additional ageing=improvement in whisky-circles. But it’s all down to a matter of taste.
    I have no doubt the machine does what it promises when it comes to mellowing spirits and making them more balanced. Especially after a small test where a person I trust very much in these matters participated – Mr DiBlasi (of Cafe Herman, Leikanger) – link to test here (Norwegian only).

    But I have no need for sucha machine as I tend to purchase wines and spirits I like and want to drink as is. But the best of luck to you and your machine.

  3. Jonathan Di Blasi Says:

    Thanks for the vote of confidence, always appreciated!
    I just wanted to correct you though in that it was my brother Joseph actually that tested this machine. He’s the Vinosseur, and you can trust his opinion as much as mine!
    Thanks again, and glad for the new whiskyviking updates, keep up the good work!

  4. whiskyviking Says:

    My bad. I didn’t read the text properly.

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