Swedish whisky auction

Sweden, like Norway, has a state run monopoly on sales of alcoholic beverages. A couple of years ago they eased the rules a bit and let the monopoly, Systembolaget, arrange an auction where private individuals could sell rare items. All items had to go through a pre-screening where non-rare items got excluded from going on sale.

After several such auctions where wines and spirits have been sold, the time has now come to a pure whisky auction – with 253 lots up for grabs. On Tuesday 7th October at 3pm (CET) the auction starts in Stockholm, Sweden. Bidding can be done onlineor by phone if not able to attend – more info on how to bid, pay and take possession on won items go to Stockholms Auktionsverk’s webpage.

Click here for to view the items going on sale. Some steep estimates, but if the previous general alcoholic drink auctions are anything to go by, great deals can be made.


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2 Responses to “Swedish whisky auction”

  1. Francisco Espinosa Says:

    I am sorry but my English is not very good. We have a bottle of whiskey for 100 years or so. This bottle was packed for the queen of Scotland. The bottle was at the embassy in Santiago de Chile until the year 1940. Since 1940 has been in Spain. We are interested in auctioning the bottle.

  2. whiskyviking Says:

    Ebay or Mr Krugers Whiskyauction.com would be sites to sell whisky.

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