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Blasda Web

September 15, 2008

As with several previous expressions (Corryvreckan and 1965 spring to mind) Ardbeg has used the web to create a stir and more web-talk about this new expression (as if that would be necessary).

Ardbeg Blasda and even Mór Part 1 & Part 2.

Over at PrecisionMarketing one can read a bit about this new webdrive, created by a company called Story. Marketing-speak:

Story creative director Dave Mullen says: “Ardbeg is the wild child of the whisky world and it’s clear that the brand is not ready for settling down any time soon. Blasda is typically unorthodox and so is the digital campaign. We are pushing the barriers to challenge Ardbeg lovers but at the same time appeal to a new audience.”

Blasda Pictures here.

The website will contain some information on production “Dig a bit Deeper”, a game of “Tipple Topping where you can compeat [sic!] to win and a direct link to the Ardbeg webshop to purchase (pre-order) the Blasda.

Comittee members and other on Ardbegs mailinglist can be expected to receive an email in the near future with a link to this new microsite.

Or just follow this link: Ardbeg Blasda Microsite.

Re-Edit: The Microsite is back up again, without the “Compeat”-title.


Ardbeg @ Copenhagen Airport

September 9, 2008

According to the webpage of the Duty Free retailer at Copenhagen Airport they’ve added three Ardbeg expressions to their assortement – great news for whisky fans. But, of course, there’s a downside to it.

The expressions are Ardbeg Airigh Nam Beist, Ardbeg Uigeadail and the biggie Ardbeg Corryvreckan!!! The latter was supposedly only available through the Ardbeg website, and for Ardbeg Comittee members only!

The major upset in this is the extreme pricing on these bottles, and this is the downside:
* Ardbeg Airigh Nam Beist – 979 DKK (£105.07)
* Ardbeg Uigeadail – 855 DKK (£91.76)
* Ardbeg Corryvreckan – 1039 DKK (£111.51)

Not your normal off-license prices, but this is after all Duty Free in Denmark (so no taxes, but you have to travel out of the EU). Even when compared to prices in Norway these are prices of another world. In Norway the ANB cost 799 NOK (£80.05) and the Uigeadail is 749,90 NOK (£75.13), which again is steep when compared to Loch Fyne’s prices of respectively £46.10 (458,28 NOK) and £40.50 (402,61 NOK). Even Denmark best (and often most expensive) whiskyshop, Juul’s Vin og Spiritus, is 20-30% below the Duty Free prices at the airport on these expressions.

The “Members Only” Corryvreckan was sold from Ardbeg at a mere £45, but they’ve been sold out for some time now.

Update: Got word from Ardbeg. The Corryvreckan was supposed to go to the luxury lounge (probably the SAS Business Lounge) at the airport – for sampling only (no resale). Somehow the three bottles (that’s it) got put into the shelves of the Duty Free store, they are to be withdrawn immediately.

Ardbeg Blasda – pictures

August 29, 2008

Last night a unofficial launch tasting of Ardbeg Blasda was held at the Dr Jekylls Pub in Oslo, Norway. Unfortunately I was nowhere close to this location at the time of the tasting, so no Blasda for me – yet.

But I have been most fortunate as to nick a couple of pictures and some tasting notes from the forumpages of the Norwegian Malt Whisky Society. Regards to the user ioeverga who posted the following pictures and notes:

Colour: White wine, same as Ardbeg TEN

Nose (22): Some peat, starting off oily, nuts, sweet, jasmin. Liquorice steps forward with the adding of water (one drop). Some grassy/herbal notes come out in the end after heating the glass with my hands, also a powerful aroma of green apples. Most definately Ardbeg, but not quite as expected.

Palate (23): Much more concentrated then what would be expected at 40%! There’s peat, sweetness, liquorice and oily at first. Aples, cocao and herbs after a while.

Finish (23): Peat and herbs/grass, dry. Medium to long. The flavour goes towards cocao (corresponding to the peat in VY, SY and AT).

Balance (24): Taste = Smell. there’s a return trip both in smell and taste. It’s a bit lighter on the nose than on the palate, but all in all it’s a very nicely balanced Ardbeg that delivers aroma and flavour in a very nice way.

Conclusion (92): This is good Ardbeg, lightly peated or not, Ardbeg it is!

UPDATE 1: Another user (Lars Helge) has given it 7 out of 10 points.

Btw. Ardbeg Blasda is scheduled for international release on 28th September.

UPDATE 2: Changed the date to 28th September (from 8th), as the original information (from the Norwegian importer) contained a minor typo.

UPDATE 3: Official picture of the Blasda (Copyright (c) 2008 Ardbeg/Glenmorangie Plc):

Ardbeg Blasda and even Mór, part II

August 19, 2008

Just an update mainly for my Norwegian readers.

Ardbeg Blasda will be lauched in Norway on Saturday 6th September. The price will be 599,90 NOK (£59). The Norwegian importer (Moet Hennessy Norge) is very excited about this bottling, and says it’s absolutely fab.

Ardbeg TEN (new) will hit the shelves as soon as the old bottles start running out. With normal sales in the coming weeks this should be towards the end of September.

Ardbeg TEN (4.5l), or the Arbdeg Mór II, is actually just a 4.5 litre bottling of the normal Ardbeg TEN. The number of bottles will at start be limited to each market, bue the bottles will not be numbered. This is will be a part of the Ardbeg line-up, so no need for hoarder to line up for a quick profit. It will be bottled at the normal Ardbeg strength of 46% abv. The release in Norway will again be on Saturday 6th September, and the price will be 3999 NOK (£395 – compared to the 4999 NOK (£494) pricte-tag on the original Ardbeg Mór. This is a 120 NOK (£12) premium on top of the price compared to the normal TEN-bottle.

Ardbeg Renessaince has been available for the on-trade market in Norway for about a month now, but will be released, also, on Saturday 6th September for regular consumers. Approx. 660 NOK (£65) is the price one must be willing to pay to get ones hand on a bottle here in Norway.

Ardbeg Blasda and even Mór

August 13, 2008

Several rumours have circled the web concering new releases from Ardbeg. By correlating some of these rumours this is what seems to be coming, though Ardbeg themselves have remained thight lipped about the new releases. The only thing I’ve found was an email found on a Norwegian whiskyforum:

Thanks for your e-mail.

I would suggest to keep your eyes on the website over the next few months – exciting times!