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New Irish Distillery!

October 19, 2008

Ireland isn’t crowded with distilleries today as it once was. A total of four active distilleries exists on the Emerald Isle as of today: Old Bushmills (Co. Antrim/Northern-Ireland), New Midleton (Co. Cork), Cooley (Co. Louth) and recently re-started Kilbeggan (Co. Westmeath).

But today it was made known that a planning permission has been applied for to build a distillery in Dingle, Co Kerry. The €8m development is to use a former creamery building, just outside the town centre, to build the distillery and a visitors centre.

The money behind the plans is coming from Jerry O’Sullivan, a Dingle auctioneer and managing director of Southbound Properties, which sold the creamery to the distillery-project and the Porterhouse group – a small pubco who also has it’s own brewery and hotel. The pubs are in London, Dublin and Bray (hotel/pub).

Former distillery manager John McDougal (ex-Laphroaig, Springbank, Ladyburn, Balvenie and Tormore, and involved in the running, development and start up of several other distilleries) is hired as a consultant. Forsyth’s in Scotland will be hired to build the stills.

The whiskey will be triple distilled (pure pot still) in the traditional Irish manner, and will be matured in ex-bourbon and ex-port(!) casks. While we wait for the first dram to make it’s way into a whiskey glass the distillery will also be making gin. It’s belived that the distillery will be up and running by the end of 2009, if all goes as planned (something that rarely happens), and four years later the first whiskey is to be bottled.

I raise my glass to you lads. Here’s to the possibility to sample a Dingle-whiskey before Christmas 2013.