Non alcoholic whisky?

A company based in Panama (in France Field, Colon Free Zone – according to their website) is launching what they claim is the worlds first non-alcoholic whisky. It supposedly tastes just like a standard Scotch and is purely “made from Natural Identical ingredients in accordance with the EEC regulation and from Artificial Flavors in accordance with the FDA Food and Drug Administration.” The company, which calls it self Scottish Sprits Ltd. (nice name for a Panamanian company, isn’t it?) plans to start production in April and plans to concentrate on Islamic countries.

whissinwvBut alas the marketing people has yet again failed, as this is not the worlds first non-alcoholic whisky (or should we say, non-alcoholic beverage with a whisky-like flavour?). That honour (?) befalls the Spanish product Whissin. It’s been available for some years already (more than 10 according to a quick web search), and is sold for just a few Euros or Pounds from selected retailers across Europe and the world (i.e. those that bother stocking such items – the main British retailer is Lono).

So how does it taste? Haven’t got the foggiest. Tried to order it on-line several times from different retailers when I’ve visited Britain, but no luck – always been out of stock. It can’t be that popular, can it? Getting it shipped to Norway costs too much in postage to bother with, but if anybody has a bottle and want to supply me with a sample I’d be grateful.


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2 Responses to “Non alcoholic whisky?”

  1. Dave Says:

    It is absolutely rank. I’ve tasted it and it is nothing like whiskey at all. It is so sweet it is sickly.

  2. whiskyviking Says:

    I’m not surprised that it’s sweet, as it’s a mixture of cereals. Sounds a bit like worts.

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