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Maltstock 2009

September 12, 2008

Want to sit in a field drinking whisky with whisky fans from all over the world (well, at least all over Europe – but one can always hope) – then Maltstock 2009 might be just the ticket for you.

A Dutch whiskyclub, The Bruichladdies, have come up with an idea to get as many whisky clubs together in one place – for a weekend of whisky.

The idea is for every club (don’t worry if you’re not in a club, make one for yourself and go) to bring along enough whisky for their own consumption and then share with the rest of the participants (I’m guessin club bottlings will be a big hit).

The price is reconned to be €150 (1215 NOK/£119) but might be lowered depending on the number of people attending. This includes a light meal on Friday evening, BBQ on Saturday, Full Scottish both days, snacks at midnight and room (well, a place in the fields for a tent or a bunk bed on a first come, first served basis). And of course a Maltstock nosing and tasting glass will also be included.

The big question is, will I be going? It’s tempting, but as with all such things the Mrs must be consulted – I’ll get back to you on that. What about you lot?

Friday 4th to Sunday 6th September 2009

Just outside Nijmegen in Holland (The Netherlands for those preferring that description)

Getting there (for Norwegians)?
Fly in to Amsterdam (Schipol), train from the Airport to Nijmegen and then a bus to the site (bus 9 or bus 54 and ask the driver to stop at “Buitencentrum & St. Walrick”).  Other airports close by are Dusseldorf-Weeze (Niederrhein), Dusseldorf International Airport, Köln Airport (Cologne for the English speaking), Eindhoven Airport, Brussels Zaventem, Brussels South (Charleroi). For those arriving at these airport or not flying in at all, directions are available on the Maltstock website (link further down).

Book or place a preliminary booking (if you’re not 100% sure you’re coming or how many are coming) at Maltstock’s website.