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News from Norwegian Duty Free

March 24, 2009

For some reason or another the main Norwegian Duty Free stores have chosen April as the month for “change”. So in the weeks leading up to the magical date shelves will begin to empty and brands will disappear from one day to the next – all to make room for the new additions.

This is also the date when prices change, even thought there was a bit of a price jump just before Christmas (explained with the strong Euro), but no decrease for Scottish whiskies – despite the weak Pound. According to my information a couple of whiskies will increase a couple of NOK’s, a couple will decrease a bit while most stay the same as they are today.

On to the disappearing and new malts:



Laphroaig Triple Wood

December 28, 2008

laphroaig_triple_woodwvAs previously said the Laphroaig Triple Wood would make it’s entry on the Duty-Free market this autum/winter. 200 bottles is rumored to be sold to Friends of Laphroaig before the official release, but I haven’t seen them materialize yet.

The 1-litre Duty-Free edition (48% abv.) will cost €65 (£61.22), which I personally find a bit steep for a sherry-finished edition of the Quarter Cask. The QC is 399 NOK (£38.37) and a 60% premium for a cask finish is just a tad over the top. Glenmo’s Sherry-finish carry a 20-25% premium.

Will need to try it before I buy it at that price.

ardmore_25wvBtw. Beam Global’s previously stated release of Ardmore 25yo was showcased in October and should be popping up in major Duty Free-outlets – at a whooping €249 (£234.50), almost twice the price of Highland Park 25yo in Norway.

New Lowland distillery

September 16, 2008

Glen Turner Distillery, a subsidiary of one of the biggest spirit producers on the French market (COFEPP/La Martiniquaise), are expandig into production. The site, which was set up in 2004, has until now been used to mature, blend and bottle whisky (Glen Turner, Label 5 and Sir Edwards for the French market.


Diageo Special Releases 2008

September 3, 2008

For the 8th year running Diageo are releasing a number of specially selected whiskies for their Special Release-series. This year there are ten different bottlings, with a total production of well under 70.000 bottles all in all. And as usual Diageo has one or two surprises in store for the avid whisky drinker/collector. The bottling will be released later this year. This years prices (RRP in the UK) range from £43 to £205 per bottle. All tasting notes are courtesy of Diageo (as are all pictures). So… on to the whiskies:


More Distillers Edition’s

August 30, 2008

As the line-up of Classic Malts continue to increase, so does Diageo’s wood finish series. The latest member of the Classic Malts group to be finished in a special type of cask is Deeside’s Royal Lochnagar.


Norwegian News: September

August 28, 2008

The Norwegian state monopoly, Vinmonopolet, releases new items every second month. The month of September brings with it a total 16 different whiskies, 15 single malts and one bourbon. All items are released in the Order-assortment (can be ordered in any store or on the web). Prices of the news range from 399 NOK (£40.37) to 10.000 NOK (£1011.74). Start of sale is on Saturday 6th. September, consumers can not order any of the following items before this date. Note that prices given in Pound Sterling (£) are calculated using the today’s (28th Aug) rates of exchange (£1=9,84 NOK). (more…)

Breaking news!

August 11, 2008

A new edition of the peaty Speyside malt Ardmore is on it’s way. According to unnamed sources at Beam Global (via) a 30yo bottling will be out and about later til year, in time for the Christmas shopping season. Hopefully it’ll be reasonable priced (£100-£125 range) , unlike some of the 30 year olds on the market.

New whiskies from Laphroaig

August 10, 2008

When Laphroaig had their second ever webcast – Laphroaig Live – they revealed that some new editions where on their way. In addition some changes are being made to the core range of Laphroaig whiskies.


Almost here: Arran 12 Years

July 31, 2008

The Isle of Arran Distillery continues to come of age. It’s just over 13 years since the first droplets came throught the spirit safe at the Lochranza distillery.

This year’s main release is the Arran 12 Years Old:

As usual with Arran it’s bottled at 46% and non chill filtered. Official launch is set for October, while we in Norway will get it in November.

Btw. The distillery’s website has been updated quite recently. Please visit them at

Source: Isle of Arran Distillery/The House of Cognac